Modelithics® is the industry leader in providing highly accurate, scalable measurement-based simulation models, behavioral models, complex equivalent circuit models, and advanced non-linear models for all types of RF and microwave devices, as well as comprehensive RF and microwave measurement services. The Modelithics COMPLETE Library™ is an indispensable collection of simulation models for all types of passive and active RF & Microwave devices engineered to enable designers to go from concept to product faster and easier. These models for discrete die, surface mount and packaged devices are a must-have for anyone involved in PCB-based RF & Microwave circuit or module design.

Modelithics models are compatible with many popular EDA tools including Keysight ADS, Cadence AWR Design Environment, Keysight Genesys, Keysight SystemVue, Ansys® HFSS™, Sonnet® Suites™ and Cadence® Spectre® RF. The models capture parasitic effects of RF and MW components, and offer scalable design parameters, such as substrate scaling, pad scaling and part value scaling, plus adjustable input parameters such as bias and temperature for active device models. The advanced features provide for powerful design analysis capability, which increases design accuracy and helps lead to rapid design success. Modelithics also offers the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library, which includes a collection of full-wave 3D electromagnetic (EM) models for use with Ansys HFSS.

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